our story

The Re-use concept is already proving highly successful in Milton Keynes, where the project is rapidly gaining momentum.

Re-use Community Project is a community-based initiative which would help the community reuse items that are no longer required but that are still in good condition and that could be used by others whilst donating all money made from the resale to the to various charities.  Re-use Community Project is based on the Aims and founding principles that follow:

  1. We aim to re-use items no longer required by the public, but which are still of use. For example, washing machines, three piece suites, bric-a-brac etc. all of which can be re-used by the local community or people on low incomes in need of assistance.
  2. All white goods, metal & reusable items will be collected free of charge, plus people can drop them off to the re-use community project if this is more convenient to them.
  3. We are working closely with other Milton Keynes charity groups and Milton Keynes Council who will benefit financially from the donations of re-useable items.
  4. We are a non profit making charitable organisation looking to cover our direct cost and overheads only.
  5. Visitors & other local organisations will be able to acquire a variety of household goods from ourselves with “reasonable” donations. We also look favourably on people unable to afford certain goods & we do this on the basis of individual need. Where possible we will make physical donations of items or appropriate goods to other charitable organisations in need. (As an example, say the donation of toys to a nursery or other user group in specific need).
  6. We are working together with other local associations in Milton Keynes to bring disadvantaged or disabled people back to the work place to help with their independence & renewed outlook on life.
  7. We would encourage the people of Milton Keynes to view us as their “re-use community project”, which is helping both the community & the environment. We would ask residents to create & maintain a “think before you throw” ideology.
  8. In association with the re-use community project we have licensed waste carriers who will remove re-usable goods from residents homes free of charge. We do however, reserve the right to refuse items if their condition or cleanliness gives any potential hazard or risk to personal health.
  9. We have a primary aim to also work with local business to help reduce waste, help reduce the number of items sent to landfill.
  10. We also have an underpinning aim to reduce the overall items sent to waste, reduce the cost & volume of waste. Which the council has to deal with & help to create an “evergreen” society. In the future, we intend to create waste recycling talks for local schools.

We have all experienced hard times at different points in our lives and are very happy to be able to provide the service that we are giving to the local community whilst raising money for our chosen charity. When we have been in the positions that our customers are in we had very little help from anyone and certainly didn’t have anywhere like Re-use Community Project that was available to us.

The shop is always stocked with a wide range of second hand clothing, furniture, electrical goods, records, home furnishing items, white goods, beds, sofa suites, seasonal decorations and bric-a-brac. We also get brand new stock that has never been used from many local companies who regularly. Stock levels are maintained through a combination of community collections and donations of end-of-line or surplus stock from retailers and distributors.

We are also asking more local retailers and distribution centres to get involved, because we believe that they will jump at the chance to help reduce the impact that waste of good products from their companies can have on the local environment whilst also helping those who are in less fortunate position.

To co-ordinate donations Re-use Community Project operates a drop off point at the rear of the warehouse on Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes area for the donation, cleaning, sorting and distribution of items. We also operate a free Door-to-door collection service for large household items and this is managed by our staff and a strong team of volunteers.

Local and national retail outlets have also been outstandingly generous in donating surplus, end-of-line or seconds stock. Brands include a National DIY retailer, a national high street household and clothing retailer, a multinational battery manufacturer as well as a national toy retailer.

Without the help and support of both the local community and the retail companies we deal with we would not be where we are today and for that we would like to thank them for all they have done and continue to do for us.

Our vision is to roll out the Reuse concept across other towns and cities in the UK.